• Robotic Welding

    Robotic Welding

    Superior Quality

    Pro-Weld's robotic welding line provides uniform welds with superior quality.

  • Design Applications

    Design Applications

    Design Flexibility

    Pro-Weld utilizes the lastest software applications to meet all of your design needs.

  • CNC Machining

    CNC Machining

    Custom CNC Machining

    Pro-Weld's CNC Machining Center with 4th rotary axis is capable of in-house tooling creation and custom part making.

  • Powder Coating

    Powder Coating

    High Quality - Long Lasting

    Pro-Weld's powder coating system has been set up with both efficiency and quality in mind.

  • Faro Edge


    Dimensional Inspection - Reverse Engineering - Laser Scanning

    Pro-Weld's exceptional technology features 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

  • Manufacturing Services

    Pro-Weld is a leading design and manufacturer of specialty fabricated steel products...

  • Engineering Innovations

    Providing our customers with product solutions and superior outcomes...

  • Metrology Solutions

    Pro-Weld offers portable scanning and measurement technologies...

Welcome to Pro-Weld, Inc.  


Why choose Pro-Weld?

ISO CertifiedPro-Weld, Inc. is one of the largest and most volume capable custom steel fabricator in the industry. With over 150,000 square feet under one roof and sitting on 12 acres of paved and secure property, we can efficiently design, prototype and/or mass produce products at one single location. Our business model and approach of having total product control under one roof provides the greatest value to our customers by allowing for “Lean” implementation of programs and jobs. 

Stream-lining processes and removing steps save time and money. Therefore, contracting with Pro-Weld, Inc. means that all aspects of your product or program will be part of our one-stop process and as a result, you will not only receive a superior product with exemplary support but at the lowest possible cost.  + read more


Robotic Welding

In mid-2012, Pro-Weld, Inc. invested in several new robotic welding cells to boost the output, quality and efficiency of its Chesterfield manufacturing operations. Each dedicated area contains a flexible work cell that allows for quick change-over of the tooling and a program to quickly switch to the next job. The operators are trained in material pre-checks to maintain consistent quality throughout the process. Each operator is also trained in proper loading and clamping techniques. Pro-Weld, Inc. robotic weld cells can produce everything from small sub-assembly details to medium sized weldments on all the way up to tubular end-frames and even large rack bases. Each welding robot can handle heavy steel gauges up to 0.250” thick and beyond. Pro-Weld’s robotic weld cells provide the best quality and accuracy available in the steel fabrication industry today. Our customers can rest assured that every weld will be perfect, each and every time!

Pro-Weld, Inc. - Robotic Weld Line Sequence from Pro-Weld, Inc. on Vimeo.

Pro-Weld Cutting Edge Technology:  Faro Edge

Pro-Weld and Faro are proud to announce the purchase of the very first Faro Edge. The Faro Edge in an innovative portable measurement arm system and is the latest technology available from Faro Technologies - the leader in portable measurement devices. Pro-Weld's purchase of the Faro Edge reaffirms our commitment to higher standards of accuracy, performance and productivity.

In today's competitive global market, it is essential that our products are manufactured to the highest standard of quality in the least amount of time. Beginning with our designs and prototypes, and all the way through the production process, Pro-Weld is committed to providing the best products and overall value to our customers.

While portable measuring is not a new concept, Pro-Weld's unit incorporates many new and upgraded features which will allow us to offer a greater range of services, mobility and precision. + read more